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 Hi all! I'm super excited to announce is now open! After months and months of blood, sweat and lots of tears poured into creating this website, it's finally here. Our shop specializes in selling new and original handmade Sherry Lou clothing and accessories that are (hopefully) fun and exciting to wear. Lots of bold prints, colors, unique designs and shapes! I haven't uploaded any handmade goods yet, but plan to do so in about a month. I post most of my shop updates on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me there for up-to-date news.

DIY Watermelon Umbrella


Paint (I used acrylic)
Paint brushes
Fixative spray

Step 1: Set up your umbrella
Step 2: Outline and paint a red octagon on the top half of the umbrella
Step 3 & 4: Paint a 1 inch thick light green rim around the red
Step 5: Paint a 1 inch thick green rim around the light green rim
Step 6: Paint the black seeds onto the umbrella and let dry before spraying fixative all over the umbrella to prevent paint from coming off (make sure you do this in a well ventilated area!)

It's the middle of summer and all I can think about is staying cool by drinking lots of juice and eating watermelon to lower my body temperature. All this consumption of fruit has inspired me to paint a watermelon umbrella! This umbrella can be used for protection from the sun or just to have for fun. Since I used acrylic paint, I don't recommend this umbrella for rainy weathers. I sprayed fixative on it, but there's a chance the paint will still come off in the rain. Maybe some waterproof spray would help? Anyhoot, I plan on painting various other fruit umbrellas for my mom's preschool to use as props for their school plays/performances. I'll be sure to share those with you once they're painted and done!

DIY Bottle Cap Hat Hair Pin


Bottle caps
Cardstock or thin cardboard
Bobby pins
Glue gun
Embellishments- ribbons, beads, etc.
Paint brush

STEP 1: Trace a circle larger than your bottle cap
STEP 2: Cut out the circle. This will be the bottom/brim of the hat
Step 3: Paint the circle (and bottle cap if necessary). It takes at least 2 coats to completely cover any clear areas. Let dry completely before proceeding on. Usually a 1 minute wait.  Optional: You can paint any other designs like polka dots, stripes, flowers etc.
Step 4: After the paint has dried completely, glue the top and bottom pieces together
Step 5: Glue on embellishment and other decorations
Step 6:  Make a small dot with the hot glue gun and attach the bobby pin (flat side down). Let dry and ready to wear!

Here's a DIY brought to you by my crafty friend, Pauline, using bottle caps to make mini hat hair pins! These are adorably fun to wear with endless design possibilities. We would love to see your amazing designs and add it to our new DIY gallery coming soon! Email your mini hat and other DIY creations inspired by the blog to

DIY Washi Tape Clothespins // New Blog Name!


Washi Tape (from Daiso & Target)
Clothespins (from Daiso)

STEP 1: Get your clothespin and washi tape
STEP 2: Stick the clothespin onto the tape and cut! 
Step 3: Trim of the excess tape (I was actually able to use the excess tape to stick on the other side)
Step 4 & 5: Use your fingers to smooth it out

Here's a super fun and easy way to dress up your clothespins! They're perfect for closing up party bags, presents, hanging photos, etc. I've recently been on a washi tape craze (cuz they're SO flippin' cute and colorful) and have been thinking up ideas of what I can do with all this tape. I'll definitely have more washi tape related DIY tutorials in the future.

On to a new topic... I've changed my blog name to Sherry Lou Studio Blog! Why? Because I'm planning on pursuing my dreams and opening up a shop at and I want this blog to not only continue to have fun DIY tutorials and outfit posts, but to also document my journey designing and hand making the clothes, pillows and other artsy items I sell. Sherry Lou Studio will also feature vintages clothes and artwork by undiscovered talented artists. I've been working on this project for a while now (on top of working a 9 to 5 job) and I'm almost ready to open the shop soon! This has been my dream since I was in diapers (because, yes, designing and e-commerce has been on my mind as a baby) and I've finally told myself "enough is enough," just DO IT. I hope everything I design and create will help make your life more enjoyable and fun, hence the new slogan "MAKE. LIFE. FUN."

I still work a 9 to 5 day job, cuz I kinda have to eat, but I'm super excited and thrilled to be doing this during my off time. I keep hearing over and over again if you really want something then you'll do anything to make it happen. No excuses. I could make a long list of excuses on why I can't do this, #1 being "I work a full-time job and am too tired after work to do anything." But I want to prove to myself that it's possible. I'm thankful for all of your continual support and for helping me believe in myself. Now let's get crafting and MAKE. LIFE. FUN!

Springtime in My Heart


Mint, yellow and gold with a dash of floral and pop of blue, perfect for Spring. I coincidentally found a watch similar to the Kate Spade Chevron watch at Charming Charlie for only $15! I absolutely love how cute and affordable most of their accessories are. You can order online if you don't have a Charming Charlie nearby. How cute is that bunny watch??
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February Showers Bring March Flowers


Old Navy Dress // Ivanka Trump Bag // Rhinestone watch courtesy of // Flats from Burlington Coat Factory

My post title may not be all that accurate but it makes sense in my head based on the situation currently happening here in Southern California. It was pouring ultra hard rain the past couple of days, which made me think about all the beautiful flowers that will bloom this month as a result of the downpour. My wardrobe is always ready for spring and all the bright colors its got to offer. I found this paisley printed dress at Old Navy for an awesome steal of $10 and wore it last weekend when it was a lot sunnier. I was so ecstatic about this find! I love a good deal.
I'll be spending the next week or so attempting to sew an apron for a DIY apron post, because I absolutely adore the ones at Anthropologie and am totally inspired to make my own. This project may or may not end up a sewing disaster. We shall see!

Rhinestone Watch from Born Pretty Store


Watch from // ZARA Coat // Lace Dress from Thailand //  Shoes from Burlington Coat Factory // Ivanka Trump Bag

I was given the opportunity to review this beautiful wrist watch from They've actually got a huge selection of women's watches for under $10 plus free shipping! That's already a huge plus in my book. The one I'm wearing is the rose gold rhinestone watch with a shiny black patent strap. The strap was a little too big for my wrist so I had to poke an extra hole in it to make it fit. The actual design of the watch is pleasantly unique. The beads are fun to look at and the rose gold color adds an extra feminine touch to the watch. For being under $10, I think this watch is a great deal with a quality comparable to the watches at Target. Just note that the black strap is a glossy patent material and not a matte color. It fits comfortably and isn't too heavy or bulky feeling. I've been in search of a bracelet style watch so I'm definitely going to check out their bracelet watches as well!

The folks over at Born Pretty Store are generously offering 
10% off your purchase with code: SHERRYC10
(that means you can get this watch for $8.92! oh snaaaps)